• Mae-Mae

The Day After

My human is wearing me out. You think she would let me sleep after all the awful doorbells from last night. Although, I did love the kiddos, and I got lots of pets from them. But anyway, it is hard work protecting my human from the doorbells. And I deserve sleep, but she keeps tapping away on laptop, and the noise keeps me awake.

She says November will be busy. I do not know what a November is, but I understand busy. Like the doorbells last night, and me running back and forth, back and forth, back and forth between the door and my human for each one. Anyway, she told me everything she has planned.

First, she will find someone to record her book she calls Daughter of the South Wind. I do not know why she will let someone else do it, because her voice is the bestest in the world. Especially when she says “walk” and “dinner.”

Second, she will enter a cover contest (click to vote). Her book does have a neat cover. She says the grey-tone has meaning, but I think she used it so my dog eyes could see the details. I wonder if it tastes good, too?

Third, she will guest blog. I have no idea what that is, but it sounds yummy.

Fourth, my human will sell her book at a craft fair. It will be her first time. She hopes it does not rain. Me too, because I hate the sound of the rain on the roof and must tell it to stop. Eventually, rain listens to me.

Finally, my human’s book will go on a Countdown Deal. She says that means it will go on sale in Amazon ebooks and will be FREE from 12-16 November. I have no idea what any of that means, but my human looks so excited when she says it, I get excited, too. She’s the best, and I’m her good girl.

Now I am really worn out and think I must snooze. And guard my human, because squirrel came to visit the tree in my front yard yesterday. But mostly snooze.


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