• KD DuBois

Halloween Candy

Halloween’s coming up, and although Daughter of the South Wind is set from January through the summer solstice in June, I can’t help but wonder what candies each of the main characters would enjoy the most. Here’s my take:

Dawn: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – the mix of salty PB and sweet chocolate is like her two selves…when encountered as a whole, a powerful force that can’t be beat

Nino: Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate – silky smooth and a tad bitter, but utterly satisfying

Chrissy: Sweet Tarts – Yup, that’s so Chrissy

Taran: Three Musketeers – it’s all about the light-as-a-cloud nougat

Jared: Nerds – because, like, it’s so him and he, like, owns it

Sylvia: Butterfinger – initially awkward, once you get to know her, nothing but pure sweetness inside

Sam: Twizzlers – he lived on them when he was in college and old habits are hard to break

Eve: Candy Corn – the sugar rush gives her extra energy to keep her house perfect

Jim: M&Ms – so he can divide the bag up into groups of colors and then eat them in specific combinations two-by-two according to his favorite basketball teams’ colors (and they so need to add white to the standard mix)

Trent: Gummy worms – because they’re worms

Meg: Starburst – such pretty colors

Vado: Black licorice – the awful taste matches his cold, evil heart

Read Daughter of the South Wind and let me know if you agree.


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