• KD DuBois

My "Eve" Is Coming to Visit

In Daughter of the South Wind, conflict existed between the main character, Dawn, and her older sister, Eve. The two were so far apart in age, they basically grew up as only children, living in the same house as siblings for only six years. As with all elder kids, Eve took on responsibilities to help with the “baby” Dawn and continued with a mothering complex even when Dawn reached adulthood.

Well, my “Eve” is coming from Jayhawk-land to visit today, and we share some of the same conflicts that Eve and Dawn experienced. I recall people telling me that Sissy and I would grow closer as we got older. But how do you build a sister relationship when not only do you both live very different lives thousands of miles apart, but you also don’t know how to interact as sisters? I was always the chore…the babysitting obligation when more appealing teenager activities beckoned. She was always doing exciting things that I wasn’t old enough to partake in. Before I could truly start to understand relationships, she moved out of the house to college, and then her summer visits meant long hours of work so she could go back to college in the fall.

It’s taken three decades of adulthood for us to finally bond in a sisterly manner. Will we ever be like those who grew up sharing rooms, clothes, and secrets? No, but we’re forging ahead knowing that no matter our emotional distance, we’ve got each other’s back…as sisters always do. As Eve and Dawn did, too.

And because I’ve got her back, when she walks through the door, she’ll get a glass of wine, and together we’ll celebrate in an appropriate manner National Chocolate Cupcake Day. BTW, she loves flamingos, and she has no idea I put flamingo sheets on her bed!

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