• KD DuBois

Ruby and Lars

October is what I call an in-between month, at the cusp of fall but not quite there, the calm before the holiday storm of November and December. It’s kinda boring except for the very last day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love October because we get out of 90-degree weather here in south-central Texas, and I can air out my jeans and long-sleeved shirts before I actually get to wear them in November. But, overall, the month lacks pizazz.

Sometimes, to pick things up a bit, and to see if I can justify buying something decadent to snack on, I look up the date to discover its “National Day of…” designation. Unfortunately, the iced custard melting on my desk doesn’t correspond to anything I can celebrate, because the best option found for today is National Name Your Car Day.

How funny that the silly habit we have of naming an inanimate object gets a celebration day. My grandfather used to call his old farm truck Bessie and would urge it along as it coughed and sputtered on the bumpy lane to the back pasture, tossing us about because the shocks had gone decades ago. My current car has the name Ruby, not solely because of its color, but in homage to both my roots back in Kansas and the story I was writing when I bought it (and perhaps due to the few road trips I had planned to go watch my Jayhawks, because there’s no place like home when it comes to watching college basketball).

Of course, I gave the car a name in my novel Daughter of the South Wind. It seemed right since the trusty Volvo had been in Dawn’s family for so long, dependable and full of memories, like a cool uncle. Dawn knew she could always count on good-ol’ Lars as she embarked on the adventure of grad school and the dream of a meteorology degree.

Ruby’s the same for me. We endured a plains ice storm last year, enroute back from a basketball weekend, and now that I have a long-handled ice scraper to always keep in her during the winter, we’re ready for the 2018-19 season. She didn’t let me down as we passed jack-knifed semi-trucks on the highway, and I know every time I get in her for a road trip, we’re going to have an awesome adventure. Yes, ruby red and full of magic, like a famous pair of bejeweled slippers.

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