• KD DuBois

It's Getting Real

It's been a while, I know, but this past week, reality hit me hard. After months of beta reads, critique partner reviews, and good ol' self-editing, I put the tag "final draft" on my manuscript's file name and sent Daughter of the South Wind to the publisher for their editing rounds. The next day, I got the cover art for review. Nothing like your novel's title paired with artwork relevant to its plot to make you realize "OMG, I'm gonna get published!"

And talk about motivated--it pushed me into overdrive. After realization my office lacked inspiration, I painted the walls and ceiling in calming yet creative colors (work with me here, I don't know how to describe them, but the online color-picker said they would help). Then I tackled social media although each minute brought me to the sad realization I'm too old to understand the full capabilities of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And, finally, I redesigned the Blog/website. Whew!

So, thank you for your patience during my blogging sabbatical. I'll try to get more consistent with it in between my different writing projects. As the projected release date of August 1st approaches, I'm sure time will allow for some quick notes. At least, I hope so.



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