• KD DuBois

First Draft Done!

I finished the first draft of Daughter of the South Wind and turn my efforts now to editing. In the process of writing, so many ideas popped into my head, I decided to make a three-book series. It's called The Ordinal Force Series. It will consist of:

Daughter of the South Wind (in edit) - Growing up, dreams encouraged and frightened her. Others featured twisters with human faces. Now she dreams about being someone who loves a tornado god.

Daughter of the East Wind (in concept development) - She thought Tartarus a place parents mentioned to frighten children into obedience, until one day, she met him.

Children of the North and West Winds (in concept development) - As children, she stood up for him, a god with no powers, against the taunts of others. As adults, can he overcome his faults to save her?


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