• KD DuBois

Novel Update

I have over 37,000 words down and am halfway through the story. Progress comes a paragraph at a time! But the characters have spoken, and I now have two story lines developed as sequels. Based on Greek mythology, the Ordinal Winds series creates stories for the poor gods and goddesses who didn't really get a full accounting in antiquity. Here is a sample of what my current story is about:

Dawn's serious, studious personality covers the torment she suffers from terrifying dreams about tornados. Deciding to face the demons from a childhood experience head-on, she starts grad school to find a better way to predict tornados. Everything goes smoothly, until one day, she encounters something from her dreams, a tornado god.

Nino has no time to waste. If he cannot convince Dawn to help him, he will lose his soul-mate, Tira, all over again. It took three thousand years to get to the convergence of immortal and human worlds necessary to break the curse that took Tira away. But Dawn's overly scientific mind blocks the one thing he needs for everything to work out, belief.

Dawn cannot let go of the one thing that kept her sane growing up. Yet, every conversation with Nino makes her long for the love he holds for Tira. An opportunity arises to get what she yearns for, but it requires accepting the unthinkable.

Photo courtesy of NOAA, no modifications, and used under license found at creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode . Photo found at https://www.flickr.com/photos/noaaphotolib/5054533468/in/photolist-4VoTMN-pbeTLA-89dwLZ-8ELmFz-8kCXag-5kFo4-agZmSC-6T4BNz-agWyex-5ZVgbk-5QKA9R-5ZHGJp-2grh92-8EtzpY-psGJ65-agWz1a-neUNcM-ajkQt-4VduF4-9S7BwJ-fx7H5C-beWAge-psJ946-7TcN2B-8JKfwZ-7XfHit-8GDNGL-8ku8Zf-6mmor-97sbYL-ai9LqL-a3mPPo-4VoTHs-pssaLx-4X3rMw-9Z5zEw-58YFW-agZmuq-K7nLzG-Jkcr86-5Fqged-9No1HW-8VqdNp-6JPDgc-pss56p-pbeBxo-pbfqjX-psJbak-4z9Ruf-4BPRbr



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