• KD DuBois

It's not Oz

Whenever I tell people I'm from Kansas, about 95% of the time their response is, "Oh, the Wizard of Oz!" I hate that. Hate the movie. Hate tornados. My standard response is, "I have never watched that movie in its entirety, because as a little girl, I thought it was stupid. In my experience your house doesn't float around when a tornado hits, it gets destroyed."

There are so many other things about Kansas that people fail to recognize. First, it's not all flat. I lived at the edge of the Flint Hills. Beautiful open range grasslands across undulating hills. You can actually see the wind blow because the grasses dance around in constant motion. Second, you get to meet the nicest people in the country. There's nothing fake about a Kansan. We're honest, hardworking, and we tell it like it is. And there's something refreshing about that. Finally, we do have tornados. Lots of them, usually giant monsters. Sometimes they leave a lasting impression on folks. I'm one of them.

So as much as I am proud to be a Kansan, I can never live there. The tornados scare me too much. And it makes me sad, because I miss the people who have settled in the land of the south wind.


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