• KD DuBois

Kilchurn Castle

I'm a sucker for castle ruins. I love to crawl around them, trying to figure out where people gathered, how they kept warm, where the beams went to support the second floor, which area housed the privy (you know you think of that last one, too). While visiting Scotland, I had a pretty regimented itinerary...had to if I wanted to see everything on my list. At one point, navigating along a fairly decent (meaning wide enough to fit two cars) country road, I took a break from my concentration to stay on the "wrong" side to look around. Lo-and-behold, this beauty appeared not too far off in the distance. Shortly after spying it, a small sign pointed an arrow to a car park. Naturally, I meandered off the timeline to go take a peek. The approach to the castle captured everything I had imagined Scotland to be--lush countryside, overcast skies, brooding ruins, and loose livestock. It seemed wild, untamed, and my imagination soared over the next 2-hours I spent at Kilchurn Castle.

I have no story from this excursion. But the impression of the majestic place will undoubtedly come through in many future endeavors.


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