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The Swine Huntress

Projected release date is Sep 30, 2020. Click here to order for presale. It is the first novella of a series.

What if the three pigs weren’t innocent, and the wolf knew their secret?

Vengeance daemon Mormo prowls the mortal world searching for evil, abusive men—pigs. A lone wolf, she hunts solo. Half-mortal, storm god descendant Veata performs tasks for Queen Hera’s favor. She relies on friends for help.


One night, one party, one bad decision, and Mormo gets a partner.


Teaming together, the goddesses descend on Cadville, California. They know what the town’s citizens don’t—the dirty, secret lives of the Shoat brothers. A cop, a guidance counselor, and a vape dealer, the three pigs hide their nefarious enterprises in their homes. Both immortals have different methods to take down the brothers. If Mormo can’t learn to operate within a pack, young women in Cadville will remain hostage to the perversity of the Shoats. And the Queen won’t like that.

Golden Clouds of Sunset

Expect an independent release in winter 2020/2021, and audiobook by summer 2021. This is a novella, a prequel to Daughter of the South Wind and a companion to The Swine Huntress.

Khryseis, the Nymph-goddess of the Golden Clouds of Sunset and known as Chrissy to friends, desires a more official classification of her long-term relationship with storm god Taran. However, a sister's betrayal causes Chrissy to question if any relationship has value. Her journey of self-discovery takes her down a path of renewed confidence and leads her to embark on a new mission in the name of love.

Daughter of the East Wind

Expect an independent release by Spring 2021, and audiobook by the end of 2021. This is a full-length novel, a sequel to Daughter of the South Wind.

Geology grad student and nymph-goddess, Lia, prefers rocks to human and god interactions.  She always thought Tartarus the Pit as a place of punishment and a popular god parent scare tactic to keep immortal children obedient. A trek to the depths of The Underworld shows her the hidden beauty of the Pit, its jewels, its creatures, and its mysterious, invisible chief of operations. While there, she questions if a life of solitude on her desolate home island is her true destiny.

A Golden Underworld

Projected independent release by the end of 2021. It will be a stand alone story with more meaning once the novel Daughter of the West Wind is released.

The evil storm god Typholus catches Nymph-goddess Chrissy by surprise in a desolate location. Her bestie, Underworld Queen Perspehone, pulls her away from the setting so the other gods and goddesses charged with destroying Typholus can do so without distraction. Persephone asks for Chrissy's cooperation to stay in the safety of her realm. Chrissy agrees, but finds the fun and games of an extended visit more than she bargained for.

The Dead God's Daughter

Projected independent release in 2022. It will be a stand alone story that follows The Golden Clouds of Sunset and uses characters mentioned in Daughter of the East Wind and A Golden Underworld.

The son of a storm god meets the mortal descendant of a long dead uncle. Except he doesn't really meet her, instead, she stops him in his tornado tracks. Why did The Fates decide to unlock her immortal powers after thousands of years of mortal mixing? It's a question that brings them together and might tear them apart.

Dryden by Midnight

First draft work will continue in early 2021. This will be a novel.

A group of middle-aged, wanna-be ultra-cyclists meet in Terlingua, Texas, for a secret race and agree to use an experimental, performance enhancing elixir. Little do they realize the importance of their signatures on a non-disclosure agreement and race waiver. Over the 390-mile course, the riders must figure out a loophole in the contract before they get to Dryden by midnight, otherwise, they will face a hellish outcome.

Daughter of the West Wind

First draft work will begin in Winter 2020. It will be a full-length novel, following in timeline Daughter of the East Wind, and an independent release in mid-2021.

As juvenile gods, Amazon-nymph Xaura stood up for Trey, a god with no powers, against the taunts of others. As adults, can he overcome his faults to save her?

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